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Jamie's Priorities


Having a law degree should be a prerequisite for any judge.  Only one candidate in this race has a law degree and has practiced as an attorney. That candidate is Anderson County Associate Judge Jamie Saxon.


Respecting Your Final Wishes

Probate judges decide matters pertaining to final, end-of-life wishes. Associate Probate Judge Jamie Saxon already presides over these cases—has for years—and with dignity and respect for families and their loved ones.

Cyber Security/Identity Theft Protection

Jamie knows the most high risk, confidential data about any individual resides at some point in a probate court. Protecting your identity against criminal activity and installing new cyber security measures will be a top priority.


Ready on Day One

When Associate Probate Judge Jamie Saxon is elected to serve as your new probate judge, there will be no on-the-job training necessary. The transition will be smooth and there will be no backlog on the court docket.

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